How to choose right WooCommerce theme?

Choosing the Right Theme

Picking the right WooCommerce topic will normally be to a great extent abstract. “Outward appeal depends on individual preference viewer” as is commonly said. However, external appeal is just superficial. Here are a few hints to consider prior to picking a subject for your store. Woocommerce Support


Don’t simply look for a subject which ‘looks great’. It should be proper. A Ferrari looks extraordinary however isn’t the most ideal decision of vehicle for racing to the shops and back.

Consider your crowd, your image and above all your items. Attempt to pick a subject you feel resounds with these three things here and there. Selling moderate furnishings? Search for a subject with whitespace and clean typography. Selling kids toys? Search for a lively subject with loads of brilliant shadings… you get the idea.

If the topic you’re believing professes to be WooCommerce incorporated then make certain to check all WooCommerce pages no doubt. Remember pages like the ‘My Record’ area, the truck, and the checkout.

Release Frequency

Both WooCommerce and WordPress discharge refreshes with some consistency including a few ‘major’ delivers each year. These updates can here and there cause mistakes in subjects on the off chance that they have not been tried altogether with the most recent betas. It’s consistently worth checking a topics changelog to see that the engineer is still routinely keeping up with it. Likewise make certain to ask that the subject is viable with the most recent form of WordPress and WooCommerce prior to introducing it.

To be certain a ‘WooCommerce viable’ subject is genuinely viable with the most recent variant of WooCommerce you can play out this fast check. Investigate the demo and view the source. In the source code you will see a generator meta label which proclaims which WooCommerce rendition is dynamic. It should look something like this:

<!-- WooCommerce Version -->
<meta name="generator" content="WooCommerce 2.0.13" />


Almost all WordPress subjects and huge modules will contain messes with now and again. On the off chance that you discover a bug you need to realize that it will be fixed rapidly, or that you will basically be directed on the most proficient method to fix it should it be a bug you’ve presented yourself.

If you’re purchasing a superior subject check the topic shops support strategy. In case you’re utilizing a topic from check how dynamic the help discussion is.

Custom Functionality

Another thing you might want to check is how much custom functionality is introduced by the theme. Some theme authors (ThemeForest authors are famous for this) bundle huge amounts of functionality in to their themes.

Things like custom sliders, shortcodes, widgets, layout managers and content builders are frequent inclusions. Be careful when choosing a theme like this. If you decide to switch themes at a later date you will lose all of the custom functionality that you may have come to rely upon. This can be extremely problematic if the functionality is interwoven throughout your entire web site. Imagine you’re using a [slider] shortcode on all of your product pages. When you switch themes you would need to go through all of your products to remove instances of that shortcode – not fun at all!

Our advice would be to always look for lightweight, lean themes and then add extra functionality via Plugins & extensions. That way when you switch themes the functionality remains.


One last thing to consider when choosing a theme is the check whether it is ‘responsive’. Responsive Design simply means that it has been optimized for all devices, from handheld smart phones up to desktop computers / TVs.

This will once again come down to your audience, but it’s worth noting that the Web is swiftly diversifying and that people are using a plethora devices (smart phones, TVs, microwaves, you name it) to surf. You want to offer a great experience to all your customers!

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