Installing WordPress at popular Hosting Companies

Installing WordPress at Atlantic.Net 

  • Install WordPress On A Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

You can also install WordPress on Ubuntu with one click WordPress Hosting on Atlantic.Net.

Installing WordPress at AWS 

  • Installatron WordPress Installatron WordPress is a pre-designed and prepared to-dispatch picture that contains a WordPress site and Installatron’s WordPress the executives instruments.
  • Architecting an Exceptionally Versatile WordPress Site in AWS An aide for building a more costly, profoundly adaptable AWS execution utilizing Amazon’s Social Information Store (RDS) et al.

Installing WordPress at DigitalOcean

  • How to install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04

Installing WordPress at Linode 

  • Manage Web Content with WordPress Install WordPress on a Debian Server with a LAMP Stack

You can also install WordPress on Ubuntu with one click using this StackScript on Linode.

Installing WordPress at iPage Hosting 

  • This is a great step by step tutorial by IStartBlogging on how to setup your blog the smart way with iPage Hosting.

In under a little ways from now, you will have your blog prepared on your space. You will introduce WordPress on your own area as a Computerized Interaction with A single Tick WordPress Establishment include from iPage facilitating.

Installing WordPress at Microsoft Azure

  • Installing WordPress on Microsoft Azure is as simple as a few clicks. A hosting space and MySQL database will be created and configured, so you’re ready to start creating within a matter of seconds.
  • Running into some issues and need to troubleshoot your WordPress site on Azure? Follow this handy Troubleshooting guide for WordPress on Azure
  • There is a full listing of resources on how to learn more about WordPress on Microsoft Azure!

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