How to troubleshoot WooCommerce Endpoints?

Troubleshoot WooCommerce Endpoints :

Endpoints showing 404

  • If you see a 404 error, go to WordPress Admin > Settings > Permalinks and Save. This ensures that rewrite rules for endpoints exist and are ready to be used.
  • If using an endpoint such as view-order, ensure that it specifies an order number. /view-order/ is invalid. /view-order/10/ is valid. These types of endpoints should not be in your navigation menus.

Endpoints are not working

On Windows workers, the web.config record may not be set effectively to consider the endpoints to work accurately. For this situation, tapping on endpoint joins (for example /alter account/or/client logout/) may seem to never really invigorate the page. To determine this, take a stab at improving the web.config record on your Windows worker.

Pages direct to wrong place

Arriving on some unacceptable page while clicking an endpoint URL is ordinarily brought about by erroneous settings. For instance, clicking ‘Alter address’ for you page takes you to the Shop page rather than the alter address structure implies you chose some unacceptable page in settings. Affirm that your pages are effectively arranged and that an alternate page is utilized for each segment. Woocommerce Support

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